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Through my time as an entrepreneur, I became obsessed with understanding company culture. Mostly because every entrepreneur I meet will give me the same advice: “Pay attention to your company culture. Culture is important, and you will want to shape it as your startup grow.”

But what is company culture?
Maybe it is the ping-pong table you have for people to play at lunch? Nah, that’s a perk. Maybe it is allowing dogs at the workplace? Lovely, but also a perk. Company values then? No, those are aspirations at best.

If you look at Wikipedia, it defines organizational culture as…

Somedays I like to do a pair design session with another designer from our team.

I’ve got to confess, I always feel a bit rusty at the start of those sessions, but quickly they start feeling good: the craft, the detail, the collaboration, playing with colour, shapes, flows, seeing the result of your intent quickly manifested in pixels.

Sometimes I feel those sessions are more for me than for the other designer. It’s how I get in touch with the craft that I love so much. It doesn’t feel like work. It’s pure fun.

I spend most of my days…

”Are you sure about this?”
”Not 100%, no.”
”But how can you be so confident?”
”I am confident that, whatever happens, we will learn from it and get better.”

For a while, I got obsessed with being 100% certain about things. I spent countless hours studying statistics and probability just to see if I would be able to predict outcomes better. I didn’t get better at predicting anything.

But I learned a lot about the role of randomness.

No matter how much research you’ve done, how many prototypes you tested, how many processes you followed, how many strategies you set…

I chat with my parents almost every day.

My dad, every morning without fail, sends me photos of his home-baked sourdough bread, with an “I love you, son!”. My mom, still not a huge fan of texting, likes to call me on facetime for a quick chat during my commute while my dad is reading in bed.

We currently live 12000km apart from each other, but they are a big part of my mornings. It wasn’t always like this.

I left home to pursue my path when I was 19, and between that and 25, we probably only spoke once…

Someday everyone will be happy with what you deliver.

Someday people will give you their approval; they will praise you in public; they will even give you a standing ovation, no questions asked, no criticism.

But what happens when this day arrives?

We spend too much time and energy preparing ourselves for this day, the day people will finally care, when they will understand what you mean without the need for explanation. But why?

I can tell from experience that this day may never arrive. I haven’t lived this day yet, and I believe I never will.

Maybe your job…

Photo by Aaron Alvarado on Unsplash

A while ago I went to my friend’s wedding that happened in a big park in Curitiba, south Brazil. I was super excited about this ceremony, it was a beautiful sunny and warm day.

The park was reasonably big and dense with trees, and the couple chose a spot somewhere in the park to get married. I mean, they weren’t getting married in the main chapel, so finding the place where the wedding was going to happen wasn’t super straightforward.

The experience of getting to the ceremony was a big part of my memory of that day. I was following…

Our office offscreen magazines, such a good source of inspiration.

People often reach out asking for references to either start out or improve on their career paths, so with a lot of care I decided to curate a list with all the content I could find on my notes, bookmarks or personal library about User Experience Design, Usability, User-Interface Design, Interaction Design, and Content Strategy.

This is a pretty broad list, so I am focusing on design disciplines. …

Quem é você para falar em ‘vida minimalista’ enquanto existem pessoas que não tem o suficiente para encher uma mochila?

Quem é você para falar em ‘ser um empreendedor’ enquanto existem pessoas que precisam fazer trabalhos puramente mecânicos para ganhar dinheiro e sustentar famílias?

Quem é você para falar de 'fazer o que ama' enquanto existem por aí pessoas que precisam trabalhar em mais de um emprego?

Quem é você para encontrar seu propósito e fazer algo que faça sentido na sua vida?

Pare de seguir seus sonhos, isso é ofensivo. Desista, vá pra casa e fique quieto.

A melhor…

Tire um tempo diariamente para se fazer essas 6 perguntas:

  1. Eu fiz o meu melhor pra definir objetivos claros pro meu dia de hoje?
  2. Eu fiz o meu melhor para progredir nos objetivos que defini para hoje?
  3. Eu fiz o meu melhor pra encontrar significado no meu dia de hoje?
  4. Eu fiz o meu melhor para ser feliz hoje?
  5. Eu fiz o meu melhor para construir relacionamentos positivos hoje?
  6. Eu fiz o meu melhor para me engajar no que eu estava fazendo hoje?

Essas perguntas foram sugeridas no livro Triggers do Marshall Goldsmith como um modo de ver seu progresso…

E como é o processo de feedback da Flama ❤

Não importa o quão bem você ache que está indo, receber críticas construtivas é importante pro crescimento pessoal e aperfeiçoamento do trabalho. É bem importante saber como você está na visão daqueles que trabalham com você e em como melhorar mais todos os dias.

Críticas não são fáceis de receber, por isso é normal evitarmos receber feedbacks mais críticos meio que como um sistema de defesa nosso.

E apesar de importantes, um processo de feedback não pode ser somente centrado em críticas, pois, se formos somente criticados, corremos o risco de entrar em viés negativo sobre tudo o que estamos…

Lucas Coelho

Curious about everything.

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